• Finding Hidden Answers

    Finding Hidden Answers

    Solutions to biology problems are hidden in complex, nonlinear relationships. Challenges in multi-omic personalized medicine have outrun statistics, AI, and machine learning. Our FACET engine paradoxically ignores most of the haystack to find a needle, radically reducing solving time and costs.

  • Math for the Real World

    Math for the Real World

    Analytic methods often have to make simplifying assumptions to make intractable problems solvable, but these assumptions distort reality and discard key biomarkers. Instead, Emerald Logic samples the solution space with virtual signal processors, then guides and integrates them into optimal solutions.

  • Parallel Agent Search

    Parallel Agent Search

    Dandelion seeds spread by wind. Some take hold in fertile areas, then reproduce again. What starts randomly ends up efficiently finding the best areas to thrive. Our FACET engine produces many tiny algorithmic seeds that randomly sample a hyper-dimensional solution space. Some are closer to the ideal solution than others, and survive to evolve to optimality.

  • No Black Boxes

    No Black Boxes

    Many AI methods take too long to train and are black boxes. These characteristics make them vulnerable to clinical failure, and cannot reveal underlying biological truths. FACET is an algorithm factory that produces simple quantitative models in both human readable and executable forms suitable for clinical use.


Math meets Medicine

Emerald Logic has created FACET, the world’s only precision analytics platform for integrated multi-omic discovery. The company’s mission is to make personalized medicine a reality, in order to reduce patient suffering, treatment costs, and drug development risk. Emerald’s bio-inspired signal processing technology is proven to solve problems impossible for other methods, by modeling the underlying biology of disease regardless of the number or complexity of available biomarkers, lab assessments, clinical history, and demographics. The company’s body of work includes diagnostics and prognostics for a wide variety of cancers, inflammatory diseases, neurological disorders, cardiac health, and addiction. The company’s customers include major pharma, renowned clinics, and world-class research institutions.

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